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Have you ever struggled with a computer problem, managed to solve it after hours of research and trial and error? These are the type of problems you don't encounter on a daily basis, so you tend to forget what you did to solve the problem and that is the most frustrating part. To make things worse, apart from forgetting the steps on how to solve the problem, you also forgot where you found the solution.

Since switching to Linux, I have experienced these frustrations more often than before, because when you set something up in Linux, it works fine for months (even years) until something goes wrong and that is when the wire hits the fan, you simply can't remember what you did the first time to make things work, nor can you remember where you found that handy HOWTO guide (unless you bookmarked or saved it somewhere, but then again, you need to remember where you saved or bookmarked it). On Windows, it is exactly the opposite, things break in Windows on a daily basis, so you are most likely an expert in fixing those things without a guide, because you already know the steps by heart :-). But even in Windows you run across certain problems that only happen every once in a while and you tend to forget what you did the last time you encountered that specific problem.

So I decided to start a website where I can record all those handy tips, guides, commands and instructions I tend to forget so easily. Apart from recording those things I can't remember, I also do a lot of technical support, explaining the same stuff to different people (and sometimes the same stuff to the same people, because like me, they also tend to forget the things they don't do very often). So instead of reinventing the wheel each time, I decided to develop guides and instructions to help novice users resolve their issues on their own (and if they ever forget how to do that thing they did the last time, they know where to find the guide, unless they forget the address of this website, but there is nothing I can do about that).

This site contains information about things that will bore experienced users and baffle novice users, but in the end it is a collection of useful tips and tricks that are nice to know and nice to have in one place. Feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or suggestions.

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